About Us

About Show Call Productions, Inc

Show Call Productions, established in San Diego in 2004, is the premier contract labor provider with the highest caliber and quality A.V. technicians and stagehands across the greater San Diego and Los Angeles area. We've built our reputation by providing professional, hard working, and responsible crews. Show Call Productions fulfills Southern California’s need for a highly skilled, Non-Union workforce.

Show Call Productions provides event labor for a wide range of calls including corporate events, concert production, production rehearsals, special events and more. Whether it’s one stagehand for a load-in or the entire crew for a week-long corporate event or festival, we can provide a great stage crew. We provide production management for corporate and other live events. We have seasoned stage managers for radio shows, corporate events and festivals. We recognize and foster open communications between your management team and ours. Your expectations are our fundamentals.

We take pride in providing you with a full service, cross-trained staff. We hire responsible, experienced individuals who bring a positive attitude to their work. In addition to stage hands, riggers, general lighting, audio and video personnel; we also provide personnel with more specialized technical knowledge, such as Production Managers, lead riggers, camera operators, switchers, intelligent light operators and forklift drivers. Our teams focus is on providing you with the professional edge that you deserve. Show Call Productions has the initiative and expertise to bring success to your production or event. All Show Call Productions management is “hands on” and available to address your questions or concerns in an immediate fashion.

For stagehands, riggers, lighting, audio & video technicians and more, you can rely on a Show Call Productions crew. To inquire further about Show Call Productions, Inc. please contact us.